Scott Piggott, 23.
Bristol / North Wales.



Next project(s) in development.

2018 Shut Up & Dig

Released online, currently on festival circuit.

Screened at Bath Film Festival 2018.
Screening at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (Bafta Cymru Qualifying) 2019.

2018 Mating Call - Director/Writer

Screened at Encounters Film Festival as part of the Random Acts Screening.

2017 Buzz Brightly Presents - Director/Writer

Currently entering festivals.

2016 A Jerry Amongst Jerrys - Director/Writer

Screened at BFI Future Film Festival 2018, Fargo Film Festival 2018, Screentest: National Student Film Festival 2018.

Screening at BAM! Film Festival 2019.

Semi-Finalist at NanoCon International Film Festival 2019.

2016 Out of Place - Director/Writer

Currently entering festivals.

2016 The Battles of Five Spices - Director/Writer

Hiive Short of the Month

2017 A Valentines Tale - Director/Writer

Won 'Best Sound' at Kodak Commercial Awards

Creator of Never Leave a Man Behind  Viral Video

Reaching over 100 million online views.

Born in Shrewsbury, England - Scott's love of film originated largely from creating stupid, spoof creations with his siblings. From then he started writing comedy shorts which got him into film school.

During this time, Scott started to write and direct a huge variety of film content. A mockumentary about post-night out kebab shops, a video becoming one of the viewed viral videos of the year on social media, an award winning advert for Paperchase and short films.

Upon leaving University, Scott went straight into completing a Channel 4 and British Film Council funded short and creating content as Creative Director for the mental health brand Sanctus where he completed multiple campaigns, including the Lifefaker campaign and Even Dragons Have Mental Health.

Now, Scott is working full-time on honing his filmmaking voice in Bristol & North Wales. He is currently in development on multiple short films hopefully to be completed in 2020.

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