As part of Scott's work for Sanctus, Lifefaker was a satirical campaign to bring light to people's online behaviours on social media.

As creative director at Sanctus, Scott worked with agency AMV/BBDO to complete the project.

Check out the full campaign website here.

Highlighted Press Coverage: 

BBC, Product Hunt, Gizmodo, i-d

Out of Place

A dark comedy about a man that accidentally kills his wife with his ceiling fan - then continues on to keep the body.

A Valentine's Tale
Winner of Best Sound at the Kodak Student Commercial Competition 2017.

Director: Scott Piggott (@scottpiggott)

Producer: Jesse Clegg (@jesse_clegg)

Director of Photography: Dane Avery (@danetrampasavery)

Sound Designer: Mark O'Shea (@markoshea96)

Composer: Thomas Eggensberger (@te_music)

Production Designer: Aimee Mulligan (@mulliganaimee)

'Never Leave a Man Behind' Viral Video
One of 2017's Most Viral Videos - Amassing 100s of Millions of Views

As part of a module for university, Scott went in with the intention of going viral. It's safe to say it did that.

It went on to become one of the most successful videos ever released by social media giant 'LadBIble'.